There is a sound recognized by LOUDNESS Akira Takasaki.

LOUDNESS Akira Takasaki's tweet ``I can hear it'' ~ Updated sales numbers for Cat's FACTORY AT-222D8I-II0 distortion threat, which was finally officially announced in 2020 after two years of development

What is Cat's FACTORY... LOUDNESS Effects born from a close relationship of trust with Mr. Takasaki and Mr. Yamashita.



Akira Takasaki and Cat's FACTORY have announced their 10th anniversary collaboration model.
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Now available for purchase from the US and Australia. (Food products not accepted)

You can now purchase Cat'SFACTORY products from America and Australia.

(Food products cannot be exported)


AT-2222 [AKIRA TAKASAKI Signature] Guitar Clean Boost

We will start selling only the CB=CleanBooster part of Akira Takasaki's birthday commemorative model AT-222ODCB in 2023 as a single item.

As a single item, the long-awaited commercialization will take place after a testing period of approximately 9 months.

The lack of noise at live volume is also noteworthy.

IC4DESIGN will debut with artwork design by Mr. Kamigaki.

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MY-1129 81-23 Yamato Spirit [MASAYOSHI YAMASHITA Signature] Bass Clean Boost

LOUDNESS It matches the color of Masayoshi Yamashita's NEW VigierBASS and is also engraved on the head.
The words "Yamato Spirit" are printed on it.

The internal circuit has also been upgraded to a completely new New Circuit.
The power supply circuit has also been strengthened, boosting the power supply voltage internally to DC18V and significantly increasing headroom.
Also noteworthy is the low noise level.

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AT-222Fz GermaniumTransistor FUZZ [AKIRA TAKASAKI Signature Pedal] 2024 Limited

AT-222Fz GermaniumTransistor FUZZ [AKIRA TAKASAKI Signature Pedal]
We developed FUZZ at the request of Mr. Akira Takasaki.

*The photo shows the product version in matte green.
Replaced on January 30th

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Actual performance DEMO by Akira Takasaki

Cat'sFACTORY Collection

At the feet of Mr. Takasaki and Mr. Yamashita

I have a pedal from Cat's FACTORY. There is no difference between professional specifications and general sales specifications.

All products are produced with the same specifications, the same process, the same parts, and the same builder.

Akira Takasaki's DrivePedal

Akira Takasaki’s board during LOUNDESS live
All Drive type pedals are unified by Cat's FACTORY.

*As of June 2023